Bespoke Services

Bespoke Garments

For the person with discriminating taste, going through the bespoke experience whether a suit, jacket, shirt or slacks is truly a special process. From the initial consult to the final completed suit, your experience is entirely personal. By maneuvering through our process, you become a part of a centuries-old menswear tradition.
At Nick Lopez Tailoring, the core of bespoke craftsmanship starts by developing a caring relationship between you and your tailor.
During our initial meeting, we conduct a personal 45-minute consultation to get to know you intimately. The focus centers on reading your body shape and understanding you – your tastes, your interests and you lifestyle.
Nick brings one perspective to the conversation based on his knowledge, skill, and training. He then listens intently to your story as you share your experiences, your desires, and your expectations of your suit – what it should do and look like. The creation of your garment evolves from this discussion and is personally overseen by Nick. He advises you on choosing styles and fabrics based on your particular build and what you do and who you see. He is well-known for his keen eye for fit and flair for fashion. Because of this, many clients defer to his judgment for their wardrobe choices.
Nick Lopez Tailoring Houston Custom-Designed Bespoke Suits
Our goal is to make sure you not only look great, but you’ll also be comfortable and exude confidence whether moving in the ballroom, boardroom, courtroom, or even on the putting green.

The Perfect Fit

Nick Lopez Tailoring follows the traditions of custom bespoke tailoring. The essence of bespoke lies in the process of fusing art with science to create the perfect fit.
A bespoke suit is created specifically for the customer based on his fabric selection, style preferences, and measurements. Then, we begin our construction process. With top-level craftsmanship, our bespoke tailors serve as your personal sculptors whose medium is the fabric. We understand the peculiarities of fabric and cut the cloth that refines, flatters, and accentuates your build and reflects your personality. This is where the art of tailoring comes in.
Nick Lopez Tailoring Houston Custom-Designed Bespoke Suits
Tailoring is mainly about balancing proportions. A well-made, handcrafted suit can deceive the eye by flattering and enhancing aspects of your body. If you have a build that’s difficult to fit, opting for a custom bespoke suit may be your only option to get a garment that truly fits. By blending fabric with various techniques through padding, canvassing, steaming, seaming and darting, and cloth and design, our expert tailors and artisans can help create a more curvaceous hour-glass figure or disguise disproportionate features such as uneven shoulder blades.

Why Nick Lopez Tailoring

What sets Nick Lopez Tailoring apart? Extreme care and attention to the smallest details. The boutique specializes in satisfying the most challenging situations – even suiting a symphony conductor who’s backside had to look his best!
Nick Lopez Tailoring Houston Custom-Designed Bespoke Suits
Each bespoke suit is worked with hundreds of stitches on the inside of a jacket to secure the canvas and padding to maintain the tailored shape. Fabric is then hand-steamed or pressed into shape. And because we vouch for the beauty of hand-stitched buttonholes, all of our coats have real buttonholes that always hold their shape and serve as exquisite design features.
Nick Lopez Tailoring Houston Custom-Designed Bespoke Suits

Custom Made Suits

We understand that every man needs at least one perfectly tailored, sharp-looking suit. And it is here that we pay meticulous attention to fit and detail. At Nick Lopez Tailoring, our tailors take great pride in designing custom-made suits for men. Bespoke suit construction offers you the greatest flexibility for the best possible movement and presentation in the finished garment. We invite you to feel the distinct elegance of a handmade bespoke suit.

Nick Lopez Tailoring Houston Custom-Designed Bespoke Suits

Pants Take Center Stage

Your trousers take center stage once the jacket comes off. A third generation tailor, Nick's expertise lies in taking your exact measurements to give you the perfect fit. Trousers serve as one of the most flexible pieces in your wardrobe. To get the perfect look and feel, customize your tailored pants exactly how you want. We provide a wide variety of features to choose from like zippers and buttons, waistbands and hems, belt loops and side tabs, and pleats and pockets.

Coats that Fit Your Style

We are the premium bespoke tailor for custom overcoats in a variety of styles ranging from classic to contemporary coats and everything in between. Like all of our tailored bespoke garments, our coats follow our extensive measuring process tailored to fit you perfectly. At Nick Lopez Tailoring, each bespoke coat is uniquely handcrafted with the care and attention you would expect from a Savile Row tailor in London. So, whether you’re attending a business meeting or a social function, the bespoke coat is the perfect choice, nothing fits as well or looks as good.
Nick Lopez Tailoring Houston Custom-Designed Bespoke Suits
Personalizing a made-to-measure suit is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from a suit made to your exacting specifications. Every aspect of its construction, from lapels to trouser pleats, is outlined by you, while handpicked buttons, linings and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.
As we near completion, your garment is adorned with the finest aesthetic details such as genuine horn buttons, elegant pocket squares and handkerchiefs, and linings subject to the customer’s preferences that reflects impeccable artisanship. Each garment guarantees to make a strong first impression that lends to your overall ethos. You’ll be confident knowing you’re receiving the same bespoke experience that we’re respected for.